The challenge of this hackathon was: 
How can technology make the living conditions better for refugees?



1st Place - Bureaucrazy - An app for quickly and easily filling out German paperwork

2nd Place - Talk to Hadi - Providing psychological first aid to migrants

3rd Place - RefStart - Promotes and helps female refugees’ integration by sharing their culture

Relayr Special AwardWallfarm - Hydroponic gardens for refugee camps Special AwardAmmarify - beacon-enabled service for sharing location-based stories

Honorable Mentions:

Beeteam - How might we help refugees feel like they are at home when abroad?
Forward - Tackling the tensions that arise between expectations and the new reality when arriving in a city
CaringMeHome - Helping stay connected with their home.
Pueblo Del Pueblo - Sustainable community building and reinhabitation
You are hope /UrHope
ContainerIO - Migrant housing from shipping containers
monet - Store and distribute money to refugees safely
Project Bridge - Facilitating integration of refugees
Flock - Better Together - Efficiency of accessing services in public institutions
WeSpace - Improve the refugees transition
Team Fortress - Safe & easy communication between refugees where low-profile is essential
LetMeHelpYou - Providing help to people
Wifkonet - Getting trusted help (lawyers, volunteers, ...) with no internet requirements, only bluetooth
Net2Go -  Decentralized trusted network for validating refugees travel and identity
Handy Hand - Open source 3D printed low cost high quality Prosthetic Hand
One Day At A Time - Help people discover their new city by giving them one important location to visit a day
Shexy - We want to limit language barriers and match on site interpreters



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