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5 Shocking Reasons Why Amazon Dominates in Europe

Now, more than ever, is the time to start training to sell products on Amazon. The reason is that Amazon is gaining ground across Europe, a feat that translates into a larger customer base for independent marketers on Amazon.

Amazon started working on penetrating the international market after dominating the USA’s e-commerce space. The penetration process began with the UK and Germany in 1998, followed by France in 2000.

Ten years after, 2010 to be precise, Amazon launched into Italy market space and penetrated Spain in 2011. Amazon now has more than 31 fulfillment centers across major cities in Europe.

We currently live in a generation where out of the $30 trillion generated from the retail market worldwide, e-commerce takes no less than $3.8 trillion annually. According to a report published by Euromonitor, Amazon accounted for up to 44% of that annual e-commerce sales.

What does this dominating growth mean to individual marketers and other e-commerce platforms?  Could this progress box out other e-commerce stores?

For independent marketers, the dominating growth is good news as it opens up a new market space and opportunities to make more money. It means competition for other e-commerce stores, but the competition doesn’t have to make them fold-up if they know how Amazon did it and learn from the master.

Reasons Why Amazon Dominates in Europe

amazon online shopping

1. Innovation

The success we know of Amazon today came mainly from its innovative practices and technology, a process mostly championed by Jeff Bezos himself, the CEO of Amazon.

For example, Amazon’s impressive voice command device called Echo is a remarkable and welcome innovation. The device plays songs, checks the weather, and even helps research your favorite sports by simple voice command.

The Echo innovation gulped huge investments from Amazon’s investment capital. However, it quickly became a success as over 22 million of the device sold out in its first year of release. While not all of Amazon’s progressive creations become successful, successes like Echo prove that innovation can yield an excellent result for e-commerce companies.

2. Customer Service

Amazon aims to be the most customer-centered company globally. Therefore, it has developed and continues to create helpful tools that bring simplicity and convenience to the online user’s shopping experience. These tools ensure it is easy for users to track packages, quickly return or exchange ordered items.

As proof of Amazon’s commitment to world-class customer service, its customer service team has won several awards for swiftly addressing and preventing problems for customers. No doubt, the brand’s dedication has paid dividends, which translate into market domination.

Social media is also a powerful tool that Amazon employs to enhance its customer service quality and engage with shoppers. Social media can help your e-commerce business build a solid foundation of passionate and loyal followers who will advocate for your brand when used right.

3. Diversification

Are you aware Amazon started as an online bookstore? Today, Amazon sells almost every legal product from nuts to soup. Search the word soup on the site, and you’ll find over 3,000 listings of different types of soup. What if you search the word “nut”? You’ll see over 37,000 results.

Amazon offers products in books, music, electronics, automotive, health and beauty, grocery, clothing, etc. Amazon continuously drives relevance and reach by diversifying its offerings. Regardless of your industry, you can do the same.

By expanding into new markets and product categories, you attract new business growth opportunities to your organization.

4. Outstanding User Experience

The secret to increasing sales is to help customers easily find what they are looking for and get them to move further down the sales funnel. However, it’s a strong UX that makes this process possible.

That’s why Amazon engages a full UX team of professionals in every area, from web development design to user research. The UX professionals collaborate with executives, product managers, and engineers to create a smooth user experience that drives customer conversions.

You should invest in your e-commerce business to improve your online UX to boost your online conversion impact through a user experience that engages and inspires. Fortunately, it’s not a complicated process. Any business can do it, including yours.

5. The “In It To Win It” Mindset

It took so long for Amazon to make its first profit, but they didn’t quit. That was a function of the “in it to win it” mentality, which was its foundation. Bezos warned investors from the onset that it’ll take a long time before they would see a return on investment, and so it was.

No matter how you want to look at it today, Amazon has grown massively from a little online book store into the e-com giant that dominates the USA, Europe, and the world.

What mindset governs your business setup?

Why Do You Need To Get Good Sleep?

Studies from the National Sleep Association reveals that man is the only mammal that consciously delays sleep.

It was also reported that regular exercise helps improve the quality of sleep. When exercise becomes sporadic or done before sleep time, it might make falling asleep difficult.

The survey pointed out that people mostly misuse prescribed sleep aids. Insufficient sleep also affects the appetite of an individual.

People who don’t have enough sleep have bigger appetites because of the fall in the level of leptin( a hormone that regulates appetite), resulting in increased hunger.

The International Classifications of Sleep Disorders reveals that shift workers are more likely to have some lingering illnesses like gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

The National Sleep Association also reported that an increase in altitude could result in more sleep disruption.

The report also stated that a height of about 13,200 feet and more could result in more frequent sleep disruption.

Researchers believe that the cause is a reduction in the amount of oxygen associated with higher altitude and respirational changes, which most people adjust to in about two to three weeks.

People face the increasing demands of being at the top of their careers. Meeting the needs and flowing with the changing trend of the IT age deprive many of quality rest and sound sleep.

Distractions from the many gadgets we have also contribute. Most people even pride in their ability to go about their daily activities with little or no sleep.

Had “Man” changed physiologically? Have we “evolved” to the point where we do not need good sleep? We now have organizations that can boast of the availability of their services all around the clock. There are different shifts at different points of the day.

Does lack of sleep have side effects? Can we adapt to the habit of less sleep, and everything would be just fine? What are the effects on the long-run and the daily efficiency of an individual?

Six (6) Major Benefits of Getting Good Sleep

Picture Of Benefits of Getting Good Sleep

Good sleep plays an essential role in your general health and well-being. You would value a good sleep when you know its benefits. Let’s consider some benefits of good sleep.

1.  Stress Reduction

Good sleep can help you manage stress. If the body doesn’t have a good rest, it responds by producing more stress hormones. Good sleep can help you prevent this occurrence.

2. Better Memory

When you find it difficult to remember things because you are tired, you need a good sleep. Good sleep does not only help your body rest. It also helps your brain store and organizes memories, which would help you process information better.

3. Reduced Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is becoming very common. It increases the chances of a heart attack and possibly stroke. Good sleep can help you relax and manage your blood pressure. Sleep also helps you maintain a healthy heart.

4. Builds Your Immunity

Healthcare givers would always advise that you get enough sleep and rest, especially when you are trying to recover from sickness. While you sleep, the body produces useful proteins that would speed up your recovery and help fight back.

5. Weight Maintenance

This benefit is achieved indirectly. Good sleep helps control the hormone that can increase appetite, thereby managing your desire for high-calorie diets.

6. Better Mood

Lack of sleep increases the stress hormones in the body, thus making a person easily agitated. Good sleep can also help make you smarter by making your brain more productive.

Why is Sleep Important to the Brain?

One of the primary reasons why you need good sleep is because of your brain function. The quality of your sleep is also influenced by the kind of mattress you use to sleep. Quality sleep at the right time is as vital as food and water for our well-being.

Good sleep helps you maintain the brain pathway that improves your learning and the creation of new memories. It also helps improve your coordination. The amount of sleep an individual gets effects the way the brain nerve cells (neurons) interact with each other.

5 Top Mattress Manufacturers in Europe

Picture Of Top Mattress Manufacturers in Europe

Much has been said about the need for good sleep. It is also important to note that for you to get quality sleep, you also need to pay attention to the kind of mattress you use.

A lousy bed would always result in poor sleep. Therefore, getting the right mattress is imperative.

There are so many quality mattress manufacturers in Europe where you can get high-quality mattresses. Some top mattress manufacturers include.

1. Simba Mattress

This mattress is high-quality, made in the United Kingdom. Simba offers 100-night free trial. Simba is known for its award-winning Simba Hybrid mattress, which has no motion transfer, cooling airflow, and support that is just right for you. Simba has a reputation as the world’s most five-star reviewed brand with over 83,000 five-star reviews.

2. Nectar Mattress

Nectar mattress is a high-quality mattress with excellent body contour support. It offers a medium-firm density. It also has a bed-in-a-box, and you can get it ready for use in no time. It has a 365 days home trial and a “forever warranty.”

3. Casper Mattress

A well-designed foam mattress with a medium level of firmness. It is also great for a side sleeper. Its open-cell top layer helps draw heat away.

4. Leesa Mattress

This high-quality but straightforward mattress contains the memory foam and the temperature regulation features, among others. It’s super soft fabric cover gives you a unique comforting experience.

5. Emma Original Mattress

For a firm and comfortable foam, Emma Original offers you good quality foam. Emma Original is made up of different foam layers, which include a viscose-elastic memory foam layer and a cold foam support layer.

It provides a fantastic sleeping experience for different types of sleepers. The top is made of a unique “point-elastic” foam material, which ensures other parts of the mattress are not affected when compressed.

What Are The Best Side Hustles For Europeans?

Do you know that 1 in 4 people according to the Henley Business School run a business as a side hustle? More interestingly, side hustles generate £73 million to the economy of the United Kingdom.

Side hustle generally refers to any type of job taken in addition to one’s full-time job for the purpose of supplementing one’s income.

The usual way of working to earn a living is becoming old-fashioned. Self-employment, freelancing, portfolio careers, and side gigs are fast becoming the norm.

One of the biggest drivers of this new advancement in employment is the flexibility of following whatever career path that you desire. For those seeking to work on their own, the 21st century has indeed redefined the idea of self-employment.

You can always have it both ways, two steady streams of income; one from a regular job and another from a job that you are very passionate about.

With the advent of technology, the barriers that exist to the full utilization of these side-jobs are gradually falling.

People no longer have to work with a single employer or in the confines of an office anymore. The internet now allows people to try new ventures at low costs while at the same time doing their day jobs.

Consequently, people who are overwhelmed and or unpaid at work, who have the desire for entrepreneurship, but are constrained by confidence can finally get a go with ease. Who says no to extra cash? No one!

What Are Good Side Hustles?

The type of side hustle that would be good enough for you is a personal question. It’s basically about picturing the future and what you really want from it.

Depending on why you want the side hustle and what amount of risk you are willing to take, the side hustle that would be good for you might differ from another person.

Also, how much you love your day job will determine your level of commitment with the side hustle. Having it in mind that if the side hustle works out fine, you might not need your job anymore. Whichever way you see it, a good side hustle, should do all or at least two of the following:

  • Get you extra cash
  • Fuel your passion
  • Allow you flexibility with time
  • Give you enough time for your day job
  • Help you make passive income

What Are The Most Profitable Side Hustles For Europeans?

Picture Of Most Profitable Side Hustles For Europeans

Just in case you are confused as to which side hustle you should do in Europe, here is a list of seven ideas you can choose from:

1. Remote English Teacher:

On websites like Skype, Learn4good, and Indeed, there is a huge demand for English teachers. All you need generally is just patience to teach and a good command of the language.

With this easy hustle, you could make as much as 25dollars per hour from people in non-English speaking countries like Hong Kong and so on.

2. Online Dating Consultant:

As funny as it may sound people offer a lot of money to get tutored on how to go about online dating. Having a full grasp and expert opinion of how to use OK Cupid, Tinder, Coffee meets Bagel and other dating and hookup sites could get you well paid. Video coaching for some of these websites could be as expensive as 100 dollars per hour.

3. Starting a Profitable Blog:

Blogging is one easy way of making money on the side without really doing much, especially if you are passionate about writing. You design an attractive blog and put up amazing content.

You get a chance to put your words out there for your readers to read while making money from adverts and other affiliate incomes. If done properly, you could earn as much as $10,000 in a month from blogging alone.

4. Buying and Selling of Domains:

The domain is like the real estate business of the internet today. With buying and selling of domain, you can make as much as 100% and more profit in the shortest period of time.

The business has been around for a while and depending on how good you are, your profits could be as much as 1000%. Usually, you get your returns within 90days of investment.

5. Freelance Writing:

Depending on how knowledgeable you are and how much time you have on your hand, freelancing could make you rich. You could decide to go for the easier and less tasking jobs of writing admission essays for school children and earn as much as 200 dollars.

Alternatively, you could write white papers, reports, etc. for law firms, engineering companies and so on for as much as between 1000 and 10,000 dollars. A very good place to look for gigs is the Craigslist or you could look out for networks in your environment as well.

6. Teaching Online Courses:

Another easy way of making money on the side is to teach a skill online. If you have a skill such as apps developing, designing, or online marketing, you could teach it online to a wide base of interested online audiences.

Udemy or Skillshare could serve as a testing platform for you while you can switch to higher-paying sites as you grow and gain experience.

7. Tour Guide:

If you are very conversant with the city, this might be another easy and yet interesting way of making money on the side. Being a tour guide gives you the opportunity to meet new people as well as discover new things. Asides the side benefits attached, you can earn as much as a hundred dollars per hour.


Side-hustle is here to stay. It is gradually transforming and evolving the traditional way of employment.  However, you should weigh your options properly before selecting a side job that requires a high level of commitment.

For instance, a family man leaving his job for self-employment might not work so well due to his responsibilities. Whichever side hustle you choose, information abounds on the internet that will lead and guide you to make the best out of your side job.

How to find the right business partners for startup

Every emerging startup is an idea that had been cultivating in the minds of certain people who then worked towards bringing that idea into reality. A team of motivated and skilled members is necessary for the success of a startup. All that is necessary is the right partners in the team who can work in the same frequency, have similar interests, and  possess required skills. The need for a partner arises when more time and money is required to manage the work process. Having partners in the business will also bring motivation, passion, and the strength to deal with risks and to look for opportunity. There are several websites which have a network of people looking for partners with similar motives. These measures will help you find the right partner for your startup.

Write a job description

The person you need for partnership should be fit for handling the startup with you. It is least probable that your friend or a family member is suitable for this role, and if they are, then you wouldn’t be looking outside for it. Write down your idea’s strengths and weaknesses, and the skills you are looking for in your partner, and the level of experience you desire in them.

Find co-founders the same way you find investors

job description

Join the industry conferences, entrepreneur forums and local business organizations to connect with other enthusiasts and share your visions. Use online platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to interact with people who meet your requirements.

Join matchmaking sites

There are various websites which offer to find the right partners for your startup. Join as many as you feel is needed and start a discussion for your plans and what you are looking for. Join the conversations of business blogs where you can find like minds with whom you can share your interests.

Attend local university entrepreneur activities

Universities often host seminars and fairs for the bright minds to come up with their projects and possibly meet similar people who will take an interest in the projects. If you do not end up in finding a partner for your startup, you will most probably find a hefty investor.

Look for a partner from a different background

different background

When you are looking for a partner, keep in mind that you need to find someone who has the skills which you require and you do not possess. Your ideal partner should be able to back you up with the management you cannot handle on your own. You can have the same skills as well, but it is very necessary that your partner knows what you don’t.

Explore your candidate’s hobbies and interests outside work

A partnership is just like a relationship which needs to be healthy, which require both of you to know each other inside and outside work. It will be beneficial if your interests match with each other so you can develop a stronger bond which will also help your working. Take your time in knowing your partner by meeting outside for lunch or sports. Learn more about them and tell more about yourself and how you like to work so that you can find the right partner for each other before making any closing decisions.


How to Calculate Sales Forecast

A sales forecast is a very important part of leading your business to success. It is the backbone of the business which keeps it motivated and going. The success of a business is measured by its growth in sales, and sales forecast predicts the expenses, profits and its growth. It is an estimated benchmark that a business can think of achieving. It is not a target or an accurate number which requires any complicated calculations. You do not need a degree to create a sales forecast, and anyone who runs a business can do it on their own with educated guessing.

A sales forecast is usually done for a year with a forecast for each month and then for the following two to five years. If a business has more than one product, each product will have a different forecast, and then there will be an overall forecast for the entire organization. It is not an accounting method but a business planning method. Hence it doesn’t require the exact numbers and can be achieved easily with these tips.

Develop a unit sales projection

sales projection

You can break down each segment of your sales and get an estimated number for each month. Most of the companies who sell products measure their sales for units, unlike the software provides and service providers. Product-based companies can have a sale forecast in a much easier way than the service providers.

Use previous sales

You can make a forecast based on your previous sales. You can use the data from your recent sales and project it forward into the future. You can predict your sales in the future based on your sales in the past instead of tracking your sales in future.

Use factors for new product

new product

If you have a new product on the market and have no past sales, it is still possible to predict future sales. You can study the past sales of similar products in the market to find a probable estimate. As it is not related to accounting, even wrong predictions will cause no harm, so it is okay to dream big and motivate your marketing team.

Project the prices

While making a sales forecast, it is also important to predict the prices. For all unit sales of 12 months, you must also project the price you are expecting. You need to set a cost for your product as it will provide the estimate for the profits you will be making. You can also increase the cost in the projection if you expect to reach a target. Keep track of how much you are paying for the product and how much you are selling it for. Use a spreadsheet to record all the data for 12 months and choose the decisions which suit best for your business in the coming months.

Clickfunnels E-Commerce: How Startups Can Use It

Before going over how and why I create e-commerce websites using Clickfunnels, first I need to provide you with context.

E-commerce involves selling products online.

And your conversion rate is very important for selling products online.

Let me explain this:

If you drive 1,000 visitors to a website that has a 0.5% conversion rate, then you make 5 sales.

If you are a beginner, a conversion is just an action that you would like the visitors to your website take. A conversion may be buying a product, answering a survey, or filling an email form out.

clickfunnels commence

The following formula is used to calculate the conversion rate:

100 / Total Visitors x Conversions

Therefore, the 0.5% conversion rate from the above example would be calculated in the following way:

100 / 1000 x 5 = 0.5%

When it comes to math, I am definitely not a genius.

However, this is also not rocket science.

It is very important to now to properly calculate your conversion rate if you really want to learn about marketing. However, don’t let it scare you. Practice makes perfect, like everything else.

Continuing to improve your conversion rate is one of the most important parts of marketing.

This is referred to as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

How To Quadruple, Triple or Double Your Conversion Rate

Our Conversion Rate Optimization goal in this example is increasing the 0.5% conversion rate of our website up to at least 2.0%. Improving your website is the way that you do that.

Why is that important?

Because when you have a 2.0% conversion rate then that means you will 20 products for every 1000 visitors instead of only 5.

This small one-and-a-half percent increase really can make a big difference.

It may mean the difference between earning $80,000 per month or $20,000 a month. Small percentages can really matter in marketing since they can have huge leverage and significantly impact your overall profit and revenue.

So what can you do to improve your conversion rate?

We will discuss that soon.

I will also show you how you can use Clickfunnels to make an e-commerce website.

However, first of all, it important for you to understand one of the major pitfalls of e-commerce.

The Major Drawback to Traditional E-Commerce websites

You may be using a platform such as WooCommerce or Shopify for your store.

That is perfectly fine, and there are many things that can be done with those platforms. However, if you do have a successful product and want to improve your conversion rate to sell more, then you may want to consider a solution that is more versatile that will provide you with complete flexibility over your landing pages’ design.

I love Shopify and do recommend it to practically everyone.

There are great benefits and it is the most powerful and robust e-commerce tool that is available in the market currently. However, there are downsides that come with it as well, with one of the main ones being lack of flexibility and control.

With Shopify, you just need to install a theme and it can then be customized in order to meet your specific needs.

Although there are numerous themes to choose from, after you get a theme installed, you will not have much control over the layout and design unless you know how to code or add on third-party apps (which tend to be clumsy).

I would even go so far to state that Shopify and a majority of e-commerce platforms are terrible for Conversion Rate Optimization. That is because they were not designed for that purpose.

Yes, you can install Hurrify or another plugin and increase your conversion rate.

You can add “trust badges” and change the color of the buttons.

However, overall, there is not a whole lot that you can do.

You need to have a different tool if you would to really unleash your Conversion Rate Optimization.

Let me go over why this is the case.

How Traditional E-Commerce Websites Cost You Sales

Clickfunnels makes it possible for you to remove all of these distractions.

Clickfunnels allows you to create e-commerce products pages from scratch without any design or coding skills. You can move around and change elements as you want to using a drag-and-drop page builder. You can also add checkout forms, headlines, and buttons, and build highly optimized landing pages.

There should be no distractions on a good eCommerce website. Buy the product or leave the website.

That alone can increase your conversion rate significantly.

When a website visitors click on “Add to Cart,” they immediately are transferred to a quick checkout form without needing to leave your site (slow loading times of your pages can result in higher abandonment rates).

This same thing is true when somebody clicks on your “Add to Cart” button.

When you use a heat tracking tool such as Hotjar to track your website visitors, you will discover quickly that many individuals abandon their cart due to getting distracted.

The following are some of the common distractions that can reduce your conversion rate:

  • Complicated checkout process
  • Displaying related products
  • Having a menu

I have spied on hundreds of individuals adding products to their shopping cart and at the last minute abandoning it due to clicking on the menu rather than the “Complete Purchase” button. After visitors start to browse the store, frequently they end up having second thoughts or given too many options and do not end up completing their purchase.

Distractions like these can cost you thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, with platforms such as Shopify, it is hard to minimize or remove those distractions. For example, the menu will be visible and I don’t know of any way to remove it.

Even if there did happen to be a way to do this, it would require additional plugins or coding.

Now just imagine attempting to minimize dozens of distractions, and at the same time needing to split-test different page layouts in order to determine which one converts the best. Shopify was not designed for this kind of advanced testing and optimization, and that is why I usually end up using Clickfunnels whenever I want to have complete control over an e-commerce website.

Let’s discuss how to use Clickfunnels to make an e-commerce website.

clickfunnels and shoplift

How to Use Clickfunnels To Develop an E-Commerce Website to Increase Your Sales

After you have signed up for Clickfunnels, you can make a new funnel by choosing “Build Funnel.”

There are many different themes that you can choose from.

To see all of the themes that are available, choose the e-commerce category.

The difference compared with Shopify themes is you are able to move around freely and change each element. You will 100% control over all aspects of the website, which is very powerful for your main goal of increasing your conversion rate so you can sell more of your products online.

I rarely use defaults themes.

What I prefer to do is use the editor to design custom pages from scratch.

As I said previously, you don’t need to be a good designer or have coding skills. I don’t have a good eye for design and zero coding skills, but I have been able to teach myself how to make landing pages and website using a drag-and-drop editor in only a couple of days.

I like to make landing pages that look like traditional e-commerce websites.

What makes my site is different is I eliminate all of the distractions, which includes related products, menus, and anything else that is irrelevant. Individuals can either leave the website or purchase the product, but those are the only options they have.

To help build urgency, I also add a sticky “In Stock” sign on top of the page.

This is also a countdown timer.

It is a bit tricky since I am dropshipping the product, which means there isn’t really a shortage of the items and every day at midnight the countdown timer resets. In most situations, I do not recommend that you use this form of false scarcity. When I use countdown timers or scarcity, I made sure these are real. I will break the rule once in a while.

Another important thing to point out is this website was optimized for mobile.

On the desktop, it looks a bit crappy, but on mobile, it looks fantastic. When I am using influencer marketing or running Facebook ads, 80% to 100% of visits come from mobile. This is why I am not really worried about the desktop. I would rather have a mobile page with a high conversion rate.

Should you use the same design?

It depends.

Generally speaking, I recommend you do as much testing as you can. The entire reason for using Clickfunnels is it gives you the ability to move around and tweak all of the elements on your website as well as split-test various pages to determine which one converts the best.

The above design works well for me but may not work as well for you.

You can use this design, but I do recommend that you also start to create custom landing pages of your own.

An alternative to this is to use the Clickfunnel marketplace and use someone else’s sales funnel for a price.

Which platform is the best one to use?

Which Is The Best E-Commerce Platform For You: Clickfunnels Or Shopify?

Let’s discuss which is the best one for you now.

If you are a complete beginner and you just want to get a store built that has basic functionality and are not worried about conversion rate optimization, Shopify is your best bet.

If you are advanced or intermediate and have a product that sells consistently, it may a good idea for you to begin focusing on your Conversion Rate Optimization.

As we previously discussed in the article, it is very doable to increase your conversion from 0.5% up to 2% and will end up quadrupling your sales.

Just think what quadrupling your sales can do for your business.

It might allow you to earn a higher profit from your current Facebook ads.

It may quadruple, triple, or double your whole business, depending on the amount of revenue that one product earns that you optimize for.

In a majority of situations, using Clickfunnels combined with software like Shopify is a good idea.

That is what I am currently doing.

I have several different Shopify accounts for creating basic stores.

I also have one Clickfunnels account for building funnels and advanced landing pages.

Combining the two is where the real power comes from:

As an example, Shopify can be used all year round and then build one-click upsell funnels and highly optimized landing pages for Black Friday and other special sales.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the article.

Let me know if you have any questions about creating e-commerce websites using Clickfunnels.