What Are The Best Side Hustles For Europeans?

What Are The Best Side Hustles For Europeans?

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Do you know that 1 in 4 people according to the Henley Business School run a business as a side hustle? More interestingly, side hustles generate £73 million to the economy of the United Kingdom.

Side hustle generally refers to any type of job taken in addition to one’s full-time job for the purpose of supplementing one’s income.

The usual way of working to earn a living is becoming old-fashioned. Self-employment, freelancing, portfolio careers, and side gigs are fast becoming the norm.

One of the biggest drivers of this new advancement in employment is the flexibility of following whatever career path that you desire. For those seeking to work on their own, the 21st century has indeed redefined the idea of self-employment.

You can always have it both ways, two steady streams of income; one from a regular job and another from a job that you are very passionate about.

With the advent of technology, the barriers that exist to the full utilization of these side-jobs are gradually falling.

People no longer have to work with a single employer or in the confines of an office anymore. The internet now allows people to try new ventures at low costs while at the same time doing their day jobs.

Consequently, people who are overwhelmed and or unpaid at work, who have the desire for entrepreneurship, but are constrained by confidence can finally get a go with ease. Who says no to extra cash? No one!

What Are Good Side Hustles?

The type of side hustle that would be good enough for you is a personal question. It’s basically about picturing the future and what you really want from it.

Depending on why you want the side hustle and what amount of risk you are willing to take, the side hustle that would be good for you might differ from another person.

Also, how much you love your day job will determine your level of commitment with the side hustle. Having it in mind that if the side hustle works out fine, you might not need your job anymore. Whichever way you see it, a good side hustle, should do all or at least two of the following:

  • Get you extra cash
  • Fuel your passion
  • Allow you flexibility with time
  • Give you enough time for your day job
  • Help you make passive income

What Are The Most Profitable Side Hustles For Europeans?

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Just in case you are confused as to which side hustle you should do in Europe, here is a list of seven ideas you can choose from:

1. Remote English Teacher:

On websites like Skype, Learn4good, and Indeed, there is a huge demand for English teachers. All you need generally is just patience to teach and a good command of the language.

With this easy hustle, you could make as much as 25dollars per hour from people in non-English speaking countries like Hong Kong and so on.

2. Online Dating Consultant:

As funny as it may sound people offer a lot of money to get tutored on how to go about online dating. Having a full grasp and expert opinion of how to use OK Cupid, Tinder, Coffee meets Bagel and other dating and hookup sites could get you well paid. Video coaching for some of these websites could be as expensive as 100 dollars per hour.

3. Starting a Profitable Blog:

Blogging is one easy way of making money on the side without really doing much, especially if you are passionate about writing. You design an attractive blog and put up amazing content.

You get a chance to put your words out there for your readers to read while making money from adverts and other affiliate incomes. If done properly, you could earn as much as $10,000 in a month from blogging alone.

4. Buying and Selling of Domains:

The domain is like the real estate business of the internet today. With buying and selling of domain, you can make as much as 100% and more profit in the shortest period of time.

The business has been around for a while and depending on how good you are, your profits could be as much as 1000%. Usually, you get your returns within 90days of investment.

5. Freelance Writing:

Depending on how knowledgeable you are and how much time you have on your hand, freelancing could make you rich. You could decide to go for the easier and less tasking jobs of writing admission essays for school children and earn as much as 200 dollars.

Alternatively, you could write white papers, reports, etc. for law firms, engineering companies and so on for as much as between 1000 and 10,000 dollars. A very good place to look for gigs is the Craigslist or you could look out for networks in your environment as well.

6. Teaching Online Courses:

Another easy way of making money on the side is to teach a skill online. If you have a skill such as apps developing, designing, or online marketing, you could teach it online to a wide base of interested online audiences.

Udemy or Skillshare could serve as a testing platform for you while you can switch to higher-paying sites as you grow and gain experience.

7. Tour Guide:

If you are very conversant with the city, this might be another easy and yet interesting way of making money on the side. Being a tour guide gives you the opportunity to meet new people as well as discover new things. Asides the side benefits attached, you can earn as much as a hundred dollars per hour.


Side-hustle is here to stay. It is gradually transforming and evolving the traditional way of employment.  However, you should weigh your options properly before selecting a side job that requires a high level of commitment.

For instance, a family man leaving his job for self-employment might not work so well due to his responsibilities. Whichever side hustle you choose, information abounds on the internet that will lead and guide you to make the best out of your side job.