Stage 1


Doors Open- 14:30 PM
Opening: Why We Are Here- 15:15 PM
Fside Chat with Andrus Ansip- 15:30 PM
Supporting Unicorns in Europe- 16:00 PM
The Global Spread of Billion-Dollar Software Companies- 16:30 PM
A View from Above: The European VC Landscape- 16:40 PM
Europe’s Emerging & Future Technologies- 17:20 PM
Fside Chat with Ambassador Emerson- 18:00 PM
Prezi in a Nutshell- 18:20 PM
Shake It Out- 18:35 PM
50 Shades of Green- 19:25 PM
Fside Chat with Frederic Mazzella, Blablacar- 20:10 PM
Industry Outlook: Booms to Bust – The Changing VC Landscape- 20:35 PM
Early Stage in Europe: Accelerators, Incubators or “Rather Not”?- 21:20 PM
Private Enterprise and Public Good: The Etsy Economy at Work- 22:50 PM
Closing Remarks with Neelie Kroes- 23:50 PM
Doors Open- 14:30 PM
The Startup Games: Round 1- 16:00 PM
Industry Outlook: Innovations in the FinTech Market- 17:00 PM
Partnership- 18:00 PM
Rethinking Travel: Disrupting an Industry with Startups- 20:25 PM
Startup Nation EU: Driving Change at the Member State Level- 20:55 PM
IoT: Beyond the Hype- 21:55 PM
Changing Communications Forever- 22:40 PM
The Startup Games: Round 2- 22:55 PM
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